She’s met the man of her dreams.
But her best friend found him first.

Aster’s been on more dates than she’s had hot dinners, from players to weirdos, she’s met them all. So, when flatmate and fellow dater Edie suggests a new approach to weed out the undesirables, she’s right on board.

It’s a great strategy, until Edie gets together with her physiotherapist. Aster can’t see why she likes him; he’s a know-it-all health nut who rubs her up the wrong way.

She tolerates him for Edie’s sake but when a friendship develops and, to her horror, a heart-thundering attraction, Aster has to face the uncomfortable truth—her best friend is dating the guy she’s been looking for.

A page-turning romantic comedy set in Edinburgh and London with humorous antics, witty banter, an enemies-to-lovers romance and spice.

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